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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mile 15 On Our First IVF Cycle

I am so tired of always having to choose to have a job or to have a child.  I had a meeting with HR today, which went really well and everything is fine.  But, before the meeting, I was nervous and it made me angry.  Why do women have to choose one or the other?  I cannot help that I have PCOS, and infertility.  I cannot help that the medciations make me ill at times.  I cannot help that due to my disease, I have to be monitored every week and sometimes multiple times a week.

I love my husband more than anything on this earth and would do anything for him as well.  However, he does not have to choose work or a baby either .  I have no ill will towards him, my ill will is towards society.  When will this country value family?  If I got pregnant the "natural" way and carried to term, no one would even notice.  But because I cannot and I have to go through serious medical treatment, I am put into jeopardy between choosing to have a baby or choosing my job.

My choice will always be to have a baby.  My husband knows that, and my employer knows that.  Thank god my current employer is not  making this an issue.  I am truly blessed with that, even though I hate my job!  But my previous employer and other women have gone through similar issues with employers.  If I had cancer and had to have treatment, no one would think twice.  But infertility is not viewed as a medical condition.  The need to have a child is not just desire, it is NEED!  It is a biological neccessity.   Yes, there are some woman who do not have that maternal instinct, but I do.

I am so frustrated and angry at this countries values! I will finish my book and get this  message across.  Society needs a big change on this issue!  My insurance covers part of my treatment, does'nt that make it a medical issue?

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