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Monday, April 5, 2010

Mile 14 On Our First IVF Cycle

Today was rough, just because it was the first day back from work, and it was a 10 hr day.  I also got a little scare.  Most of you know that I was "fired" for having my second miscarriage when I worked for a community mental health center, working as a therapist and case manager.

Today I received an email from HR stating that I have a scheduled meeting to talk about my absences.  When I first took this job, I spoke with my manager and told her about my infertility and said bluntly that if they were not willing to work with me on the time I will be away, that I would have to find other employment.  My manager at the time was wonderful and told me that she believes that she was put on this earth to be a mother and would do anything to do so.  She told me not to worry, I will not get fired for missing work for medical reasons.

That boss is now the director of my department.  The email I received from HR sent be back to the way I was treated at my previous employer.  You can read my previous blogs about the treatment I received when I first got pregnant and thereafter.    I emailed my former boss, now director and asked her what was going on.  I stated that she had told me everything was ok and I was not in danger of losing my job.  She told me she spoke with my now manager who was the assistant.  I went and saw him and he said it is just a formality and they want some documentation about my treatment, but I am in no danger of being fired.

I can understand needing documentation, and have no problem with that. However, I always provide my manager with this.  My manager stated that HR legally has to do this when someone has dock time but cannot fire me due to medical reasons.  So, I have the meeting tomorrow, and I am a little nervous, but know that I am ok.

No matter what happens, my husband and I talked this out before I started this job and agreed that these treatments were more important than anything else and it is worth the risk.   But I still have to put food on the table.  I am trying not to be stressed about this, and am no longer freaking out, but it did take the wind out of me for a bit!

As for the side effects, I have started my period, which the DR. said may happen.  And of course it is a bad one!  Cramps, bloat, tired, sore everywhere!  But I can handle it.  Nothing I have not done before.

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